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Nitrox Systems

Nitrox Membrane Systems

What is it?

Of the 3 main types of Nitrox blending systems used around the globe, we recommend membrane integration, due to the lack of required 100% oxygen, and the issues associated with both availability and volatility of the gas. Our membrane systems are fabricated from the best of the best equipment imported from around the world, to create the ultimate in safety, ease of use, longevity and gas results. They are part of a 7 part modular install procedure, and can be installed on any existing or new unit(s), and brand, with any flow rate (Please ensure all normal compressor maintenance and filling procedures are followed).


How does it work?

Membrane Systems operate via the removal of Nitrogen from Air, to create a “higher-than-air” gas, up to 40%, to run through your standard HP compressor, creating Nitrox for you and your staff and divers to use.


Advantages of it over standard filling process

  • Does not require 100% Oxygen cylinders or fills, or supply.
  • Runs without faulty for many years.
  • Saves alot of time on filling and improves accuracy of desired %O2 in the cylinders.


Equipment Requirements

1. LP Screw Compressor + dryer
2. Membrane Unit
3. Compressor(s)/Pump
4. HP Cooling and gas condensing (Optional)
5. Filtration
6. Gas banking (Optional)
7. Fill Station

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